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Star Ceilings

Starscape: Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Lighting Systems

Starscape: Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Lighting Systems
Unretouched image of a Starscape Custom Harness Star Ceiling System installed by Admit One Cinema (Edina, MN)

Fiber optic star ceiling lighting has carved a unique niche for itself in the commercial and residential lighting market because the end emitting points are small and very bright, and many points of light can be created using one light source or lamp. Today, fiber optics is the de-facto choice of lighting designers to simulate a star-filled night sky on the ceiling.

The star ceiling effect can be found in commercial theaters, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, casinos, award shows, concerts, spas, and even hospice and cancer treatment centers. More recently, family homes have begun to incorporate star ceilings to create unique lighting schemes in media and children’s rooms, sauna and bath areas, and pool houses.

FTI’s Starscape fiber optic star ceiling system is unique in the market. The product is custom engineered for the site and delivered as a kit. The star ceiling system installs in the shortest amount of time when compared to the general offering of spooled fiber and light source.

In addition to the Starscape custom star ceiling system, FTI also offers a range of pre-populated panels, smaller standard DIY kits, accessories including twinkle effect and shooting star effect, and extensive installation information with support from experienced engineers.

Hundreds of contractors, designers, architects, and general electric installers have used FTI’s offering of star ceiling components in their projects. We are happy to showcase a few of these unique star ceiling projects along with information and project images to aid you in your research. Please click on the link below to view a state-by-state listing of Starscape star ceiling installers, designers, and contractors.

Starscape installers, designers and contractors by state.

Starscape System Design, Products and Service

Check out our New Starry Night fiber optic star ceiling products. A more cost effective way to get a great effect!

Fiberoptics Technology Inc. is pleased to walk you through the design, selection of products and installation of your star ceiling project. Our Sales Engineers have designed the Starscape Systems from the ground up. We can provide solutions to almost any star ceiling application. As you navigate the site and learn about our Starscape products, please feel free to contact Zach Morin toll free at 1.800.433.5248 to discuss your project or idea in depth.

It would be helpful to have the following information ready for discussion:

  • Size of the star field (in square feet)
  • Star density (number of stars per quare foot
  • Distance from the center of the room to the light source storage location
  • Ceiling type (Suspended or Drywall)

Star Ceilings 101 – A short tutorial on the basics and technical considerations of star ceilings.

StarScape Ceilings are easy to install. Two do-it-yourselfers can put up a star ceiling in no time! Watch this short installation video to see how its done.

Our Star Ceiling Kits and Options

Complete Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Kits (fiber and Light source) – for small scale projects. Light control options available.

Lighting Options – including wireless remote control to manage a variety of lighting effects.

Separate Fiber Bundles – if your project is larger or smaller than a standard star ceiling kit can cover.

Add on Effects for our Fiber Optic Star Ceilings

Click Here for complete Starscape installation manual.

Video: Star Ceiling Installation

Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Installation Video in Drywall for Children's Bedroom

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