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Fiber Optic Light Sources / Illuminators

The NEWEST standard stocked fiber optic light source offering from FTI is LO-35, a family of high power (9amp and 22amp) white LED fiber optic illuminator modules, featuring an optical coupler which collects, transmits and transfers more than three times more visible light than a 150W quartz halogen EKE lamp.

The LO-35 fiber optic illuminator family replaces LO-100. This fiber optic illuminator family has more features and power than it’s predecessor and costs less. Light guide sizes ranging from less than 1mm to 18mm will work with this light source family, which as been certified under CE and ETL for portable luminaires. Options include a communication package, featuring RS485 and/or Ethernet connectivity for wireless remote control of chip-on-time, intensity including overdrive, and pulsing as fast as as 10Ms..

Fiber Optic Light Sources
LO-35 Family of fiber optic light sources

Our original 5mm medical unit (LO-50) has been recognized by the FDA via 510K, ETL and CE guidelines for ENT medical applications. The LO-50 model offers two configurations; a 4 port turret for the most popular medical light guide designs, and a single port configuration. In the single port version, the LO-50 optical coupler can be optimized for light guide sizes up to 12mm; the larger area coupler increases total power output, which will exceed 3x the power of a Quartz Halogen illuminator when measured at the end of a large active diameter light guide.

LO-50 Fiber Optic Light Source
LO-50 with 4 port turret

Fiber Optic Illuminators for OEM Applications

For OEM applications, where a full featured, stand alone unit is not required, FTI offers a light engine module. Just like our fiber optic light source offering, the light engine module can be used as a standard design, modified from standard, or completely custom built to your specification.

Standard Light Engine for Fiber Optic Illuminator
Standard light engine with housing, bezel, chip, thermister and heat sink. (Driver available, but not included in the basic package)

The operating life of the LED in any of the configurations is 50000 hrs. The standard color temperature is 6500K.

Our line of small, compact LED fiber optic lighting Light sources for commercial applications, feature a bright, reliable design for residential, commercial, general industrial and life science fiber optic lighting applications. Most of these units can be controlled by DMX, RF or IR to manage brightness, pulsing, color selection and color scheme shifting. Click on a link below to see more information on the specified unit:

Commercial Fiber Optic Illuminator
One of several commercial light sources featuring LED and remote control

Traditional Quartz Halogen fiber optic illuminator models, valued for bright output and cost efficiency as well as our HID and Xenon offerings are available from stock. Click on the links below for more information.

For more than 35 years, FTI’s FO series quartz halogen light source has been the market’s choice for dependable fiber optic lighting at a cost efficient price point. The FO series has been replaced by the MO series… but you can still find the manual here: Manual and Operating Instructions.

The newest iteration of the MO series features a regulated PWM universal power input

MO-150, our newest general application Quartz Halogen fiber optic light source combines the robust dependability of the old FO-150, with features found on more contemporary designed units. Additional filter holder, separate on/off/intensity switches, locking slot to insure gooseneck stability and a host of adapters to work with all manufacturer’s fiber optic designs. Manual and Operating Instructions.

Our 150W Metal Halide Fiber Optic Light Source is a DMX controlled, High Intensity light source designed for residential and commercial, landscape and accent lighting. User controls on board, in conjunction with DMX512 control, allow for easy control of this durable, bright light source.

Our DC Regulated Quartz Halogen product family, SOL-R offers a feature set designed to optimize output and minimize guess work; an exclusive lamp tuning feature allows the user to adjust the input-to-lamp distance, maximize coupling efficiency.

Our added feature models (DC and DL), include a dual scale digital readout providing voltage and intensity values. When combined, these features maximize intensity and lamp life, while maintaining a high level of output consistency. No other fiber optic illuminator on the market can make this claim.
Manual and Operating Instructions
Spectral Output of Halogen Lamps

300W Xenon Fiber Optic Light source, (FDA Class II product; UL and CE approved), along with headlights, floor stands, replacement lamp options and complete range of medical light guides, is available from stock for complete fiber optic medical illumination solutions.
Spectral Output of Xenon Lamps

Illuminator Compatibility

All FTI fiber optic illuminators can be used with all fiber optic devices currently manufactured, including all accessories. If you need help generating 0-5 Volt signals to your remote halogen unit, try using our ASCII Character Calculator.

If you already have a fiber optic part from another supplier, we offer a range of adapters to accept the major manufacturers’ input types.

Interested in a private label program? Click Here to contact our Marketing Department.

FTI Light Sources

Part NumberTypeShort DescriptionMaximum Focal Spot SizeLamp WattageCommSpec Sheet*
FTIII21249LED4 Port Medical FDA Class II Product LO505mm50N/A
FTIII24015LEDSingle Port 9amp version of LO-35II12mm38Optional; RS232, 485, Ethernet
FTIII24017LEDSingle Port 22amp version of LO-35II12mm95Optional; RS232, 485, Ethernet
FTIII16795HalogenIndustrial, SOL-R DR DC regulated, Basic13mm150RS-232
FTIII16797HalogenIndustrial, SOL-R, DL DC regulated w/ Light Feedback13mm150RS-232
FTIII16795-RS232HalogenIndustrial, SOL-R, DR DC regulated w/Comm13mm150RS-232
FTIII16797-RS232HalogenIndustrial, SOL-R, DL DC regulated, w/ Light feedback & Comm13mm150RS-232
FTIII25664HalogenMicroscopy, MO150, regulated universal input, North American power cord13mm150N/A
FTIII25664-CEHalogenMicroscopy, MO150, regulated universal input, European power cord13mm150N/A
FTIII16887HalogenMicroscopy, SOL-R (without lamp)13mm35-75N/A
FTIII22562LED1 Port 5W RGB LED LS with Automatic Color Change14mm5wN/A
FTIII22463LED2 Port 6W White LED LS with Color Wheel and RF Remote DMX14mm6wDMX/RF
FTIII22464LED1 Port 5W White Only LED with RF Remote14mm5wRF
FTIII22465LED1 Port 10W White LED LS with Color Wheel and RF Remote DMX14mm10wDMX/RF
FTIII22356LED1 Port 5W White only LED with Twinkle Wheel and RF Remote14mm5wRF
FTIII22260LED1 Port 5W White onlyLED with Color Wheel and RF Remote14mm5wRF
FTIII26000LED6W RGBW LED Light Source w/ RF Remote14mm6wN/A
FTIII22394LED2 Port 6W RGB LED LS with DMX Control and RF Remote14mm6wDMX/RF
FTIII22326LED1 Port 6W RGB LED LS with DMX Control and RF Remote14mm6wDMX/RF
FTIII16876Halogen75W QH LS with 4 Color Wheel25mm75wN/A
FTIII22065MH150W MH Light Source w/8 Color Wheel and DMX Control30mm150wDMX

Need more information on our fiber optic light source products? Contact Tim Beeman. Or call us toll free at +1-800-433-5248.

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