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ASCII Commands for Remote Control

Several halogen light sources within the FTI family can be controlled remotely when connected to a D/A converter and serial port of a computer, using RS232 protocol. The user sends ASCII command strings through the serial port, which are translated into a 0-5V signal in the D/A converter. The light source(s) then translate the0-5V signal into a voltage for the lamp.

The ASCII Character Calculator (.XLSM in a ZIP) will generate the required ASCII code when a lamp voltage value is input. The calculator has (268) 2 byte combinations, so the resolution is 100/268 or .0037V steps. The results are more than 90% accurate.

While you’re working with this process, be reminded of the following:

Lamp voltage is not a linear relationship to lamp brightness. To learn more about this, visit our light source lamp characteristics page, where you’ll also be able to view and use our Lamp life calculator, which shows lamp voltage, related intensity, and lamp life.

The ASCII Command calculator can only predict the commands needed to operate FTI halogen light sources equipped with a D/A converter.

The complete ASCII character set includes “space bar” and “blank”. To minimize confusion, we chose a command set which does not use the ‘blank’. If your preference or need requires use of the ‘blank’ command code, contact us for guidance.

Because the protocol is RS232, the distance from the light source to the computer is limited to 40 ft.

After the codes are generated and sent to the light source, you should check the lamp voltage to assure your target voltage has been met.

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