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Fiber Optic Rod

FTI has extensive machining and bending equipment to manufacture a wide variety of fiber optic rod, aka optical rod, and specialty tapers ideal for dental and industrial curing applications.

Fiber optic rod and tapers
FTI manufacturers fiber optic rod and tapers to your specifications

Fibers larger than .062 inches in diameter are referred to as fiber optic rods. Exceptionally large clear aperture core, surrounded by a clad glass, are used as “windows” to eliminate dust and dirt, viewing ports for high vacuum systems, optical high voltage isolators, light integrators to mix light coming from a fiber or fiber source, and many other applications.

Fiber Optic Rod is available in diameters ranging from .010″ (.25mm) to .50″ (12.5mm), and lengths from 1″ (25mm) to 60″ (1.5M). Fiber optic rods are shipped ground to final length and polished, ready for use.

Optical rods larger than .5″ (12.5mm) diameter can be made, but require special handling. Contact us for more information.

When fiber optic rods are gathered and drawn again, a “multi” rod is created. These “multi” fiber optic rods are superior for curing and “taper” applications, particularly when the fiber optic rod I bent. Multi fiber optic rods transfer a greater percentage of energy normally lost as light travels through the bend of “mono” rods.

Multi fiber rods are also suitable for use as an image conduit for applications requiring transmission of an image.

To learn more about fiber optic tapers, click here.

Fiber Optic Rod, and related tapered product is a custom component, manufactured to tight tolerances per the customer’s specification.

All fiber is made from the highest purity material available. The same fiber used in our products is available to assemble your own product or just experiment with an idea.

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