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FTI may ask for information to respond to your requests for our products and services and to send information regarding our products and services. Since most of the users of our products and this site do so in their role as employees of companies, the information we collect will be relative to that role (rather than personal).

When you visit fiberoptix.com you may be asked to submit information such as e-mail address, company name, address and phone, and your product interest areas. This information is collected to help us process your requests for information. When you order products or services from us, we collect credit card and billing information to bill you for these products and services. We do not store your information on our site. When you revisit fiberoptix.com, we will not recognize you and you will have to provide this information each time you place an order for products or services with us.

We will not post information on fiberoptix.com, or share, rent, sell, or otherwise disclose data to third parties except: (i) information required by law or regulation to be disclosed; or (ii) information required to be disclosed pursuant to a court order or subpoena served on us. Whenever possible we will notify you of such a court order or subpoena. Although we will make every attempt to provide this notice to you prior to making the required disclosure, it may not be possible to do so in every situation. We can not, and do not, guarantee such notice will be provided prior to disclosure. You agree that we are not liable to you for any damages which may be sustained by you (regardless of the nature or type of such damages), as a result of our disclosure of information pursuant to a court order or subpoena served upon us, and which we, in good faith, believe to be valid, whether or not we provide you notice of the receipt of the court order or subpoena prior to making the disclosure.

We want your information to remain as secure as reasonably possible. We combine industry-standard technical safeguards with a code of conduct for those employees permitted to access our customer information. When you purchase a product or service online, your credit card information is handled through a secure connection, to ensure the integrity and privacy of credit card information provided to us via the Internet.

Every authorized employee is trained on our privacy and security procedures. Only authorized employees, agents or independent contractors are permitted to access your information and all such employees, agents or independent contractors must agree to abide by our Privacy Statement. Those employees that violate our Privacy Statement are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Despite these security measures, we can not, and do not represent or warrant that information will be protected against loss, misuse, attacks or alteration by third parties.

We may change this Privacy Statement at any time by posting revisions to the Site. Your use of the Site constitutes acceptance of the provisions of this Privacy Statement and your continued usage after such changes are posted constitutes acceptance of each revised Privacy Statement. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Statement or any revised policy, we ask that you exit the Site immediately.

Status as an industrial sole source supplier demands confidential treatment of customer information.

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