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Fiberoptics Technology (FTI) opened its doors in 1977 as a contract manufacturer of custom fiber components, designing and building products for medical and industrial applications. Since that time, the company has doubled in size more than 7 times. We believe our growth to be the result of our customers’ growth and our expanding reputation for solving design challenges in a cost effective manner.

A custom fiber optic cable developed by Fiberoptics Technology
A custom fiber optic cable developed by Fiberoptics Technology. Source: Fiberoptics Technology, Inc.

Today we engineer and manufacture sophisticated, high tolerance fiber optic parts for military, commercial, industrial and medical OEM’s who use these components in their own products.

Customers tell us the core of our success can be attributed to our consultative style and flexible attitude.

Our sales engineers have years of application experience, We have a dedicated R&D department, staffed with eight mechanical, optical and electronic engineers who will work with you to overcome product limitations and validate cutting edge concepts.

A 25 person machining department, working in two shifts, gives us an edge. Unmatched in the industry, this service keeps the development process going, to help get your product to market first.

We focus on process validation, lean design, and SPC to insure repeatability and risk minimization.

After proof of concept, we have complete in-house resource, duplicated in two locations, to manufacture beta build and production run quantities.

Finally, as with all reputable suppliers, your IP is closely guarded. Factory tours are limited to unrestricted areas, and only those with a need to know see your drawings or information. We would be happy to sign an NDA at your request.

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