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ROHS and Conflict Materials


All products manufactured by Fiberoptics Technology are fully compliant to the latest ROHS WEEE directive issued by the EU. You can find our compliance declaration here.

Furthermore, we respect, and work to protect, our environment and natural resources.

Finally, as it relates to glass (Glass fibers and lenses), the current EU directive exempts “white glass” for use in optical instruments. (Directive 2011/65/EU Pg 103, Exemption 13A)

High transmission fibers are manufactured using commercially available core bars, including core bars from Europe, containing significant levels of lead within the glass compound.

Because lead is part of a glass compound (two or more elements chemically bonded together), it cannot leach from exposure to mechanical processes (forming, grinding, polishing).

In addition to the above links, we also include a ROHS FAQs addendum for further reference.

Conflict Materials

Pursuant to Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Fiberoptics Technology is required to disclose the presence, in any of our products, of any conflict minerals, as defined in the Act, that are sourced from the Democratic Republic of the Congo or any adjoining countries (“Covered Countries”). Conflict minerals include: 1) columbite-tantalite, also known as coltan (the metal ore from which tantalum is extracted); 2) cassiterite (the metal ore from which tin is extracted); 3) gold; 4) wolframite (the metal ore from which tungsten is extracted); 5) their derivatives; or 6) any other mineral or its derivatives determined by the Secretary of State to be financing conflict in the Covered countries.

While we are constantly updating our records, we are currently in compliance with Section 1502. To the best of our knowledge, we can confirm that the materials supplied by us do not contain conflict minerals, including trace amounts, from any of the Covered Countries. If, during normal review, we find our suppliers not compliant, we will work with them to insure they gain compliance at the earliest moment.

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