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FTI’s headlamp system is supplied in rigid (for optimal adjustment) or semi rigid (for optimal comfort) styles.

This product works equally well in an industrial or medical environment. Made from dependable, rugged , but comfortable materials, FTI headlamp systems offer the following features:

  • Adjustable, lightweight rigid head band with flexible (removable) or rigid (adjustable) crown support.
  • Fixed 100mm spot or 10-75mm adjustable spot at 16” (406mm).
  • Integral autoclavable joystick for accurate and easy positioning.
  • Ergonomically designed lensing system is unobtrusive, yet perfectly positioned to put light wherever the user wants to see.
  • 7.5 ft (2.29M) 5mm bifurcated multi strand glass fiber optic light guide for dependable long life.
  • Threaded universal adapter accepts Storz, Olympus, Pilling, Wolf, ACMI and many other input tips. In addition, a standard FTI input can be selected for use with the entire line of FTI illuminators.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • CE (IEC 601-1), UL(2601) certified as Class I equipment, type BF continuous operation.
  • FDA Class II product.

FTI Headlamps

Part NumberWeightCable Type Description Brochure
FTIHL17524 .50 lbs (.22kg)Bifurcated GlassRigid Headband/swivel headlamp/Variable Focus
.35 lbs (.16kg)Bifurcated GlassRigid Headband/swivel headlamp/100mm Fixed Focus
FTIHL17526 .40 lbs (.18kg) Bifurcated GlassSemi Rigid Headband/swivel headlamp/Variable Focus
FTIHL17527.25 lbs (.11kg)Bifurcated GlassSemi Rigid Headband/swivel headlamp/100mm Fixed Focus
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