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Welcome to Fiberoptics Technology Inc.

Fiberoptics Technology Inc. is a leading global supplier of standard and custom designed OEM non-telecom fiber optic components. We are headquartered in the United States, where we run three shifts and maintain the largest fiber production capacity of any fiber optic manufacturer in North America.

Fiber Optic

Fiberoptics Technology Incorporated (FTI) has been engaged in the design and manufacture of Glass Fiber Optic lighting for over forty years. We combine old world service with innovative proprietary processes for fiber drawing, fiber optic light line and light guide construction to service a large portfolio of customers around the world. Our proven strategy to combine service and innovation has proved to be highly effective at maintaining long standing sole source relationships, some of which are are as old as the company itself.

Fiberoptics Technology maintains two completely equipped manufacturing locations (in Florida and Connecticut, USA) to manage risk of unforeseen disruption. Both locations are registered to current levels of ISO13485 and 9001. The entire company is registered with FDA. The Connecticut location is additionally compliant to ASQ9100. Both locations are ROHS and REACH compliant, and both are registered to operate within FAR guidelines.

Fiber Optic Cables

In addition to hundreds of OEM designs, Fiberoptics Technology maintains an extensive library of standard fiber optic cable designs, for your use in testing ideas, or solving simple problems.

Our customers and friends benefit from economies of scale and quick turnaround, and we benefit from the trust and confidence you develop in our source of supply. We innovate to keep up with the latest technologies in the fiber optics field, and bring those advancements to our customers at value driven prices.

Our standard product offering includes: single and furcated light guides, Ring LightsGoosenecksBack Lights, and Spot-to-Line (light lines). Each of these products are engineered and manufactured to provide consistent uniform lighting with minimum loss. There are a myriad of related accessories and customization options to choose from. If a standard product requires modification…we can accommodate any request.

Our medical product range includes more than 500 different varieties of single and bifurcated medical cables for all surgical and endoscopy lighting needs.

In addition to our extensive glass fiber optic library, FTI offers varied configurations of plastic and quartz fiber optic cables, as well as glass rods, tapers, and raw fiber.

If your needs go beyond standard configurations, our no-charge consulting service will work with your team to develop custom products for whatever challenge you need to overcome. Our application knowledge is especially strong in military, industrial, machine vision, medical, and commercial markets. Our rapid prototyping service is unmatched for quality and turn around.

Fiber Optic Lighting

Fiber optic lighting is applied in a number of commercial, medical, and industrial applications such as: metrology, quality assurance, surgical, endoscopy, web inspection, semiconductor and electronic automation, general machine vision lighting, dental curing, adhesive curing, power transmission, automotive data transmission/utility lighting and Star Ceiling lighting applications.

If your new fiber design is completed, and you’re ready to manufacture large, small or growing scale, our contract manufacturing services offer tremendous in-house capability….including fiber drawing, CNC machining, laser engraving, packaging, additive printing and optical rod production; everything needed to produce quality fiber optic lighting products, on time, at competitive pricing.

We innovate or follow best industry practices for engineering, testing, and manufacturing fiber optics for all non-telecom applications.

Careers at Fiberoptics Technology

We are growing! Check our Careers page for employment opportunities at Fiberoptics Technology!

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