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Fiberoptics Technology has focused on quality since 1977. When we started, good quality meant building consistent, defect free products for our customer’s benefit.

Since 1977, the market for fiber optic supply has experienced a paradigm shift; it’s no longer acceptable to offer products and services without wrapping them in a quality management system designed to minimize risk in all its forms.

We pride ourselves in maintaining the most current standards of ISO 9001 and 13485. We are also working to register to AS9100.

We value and leverage process validation; we document and analyze PFEMA’s for all major serial production lines. We develop standard work process and continually audit to assure procedure compliance while preventing the proliferation of tribal knowledge.

Data analysis, including SPC and statistical interpretation are the cornerstones of process improvement and preventative efforts.

We employ a lean Six sigma team, led by a certified master black belt, who are charged with identifying and eliminating waste, using standard tools.

To assure the lean culture permeates the organization, we invest heavily in professional development, employing two on-site trainers who teach leadership, supervisory training, problem solving, and more.

Our overall objective is to educate our team to identify, understand, and remediate inefficiency in all its forms.

We understand our obligation to manage risk and waste for the benefit of our customers, shareholders, and employees to assure our long term success.

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> View Our ISO 13485:2016 Certificate

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