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Rod & Taper Drawing

FTI uses a custom designed straight line draw tower to manufacture optical rod, multirod, and image conduit. Manufactured in-house and set up in 1992, this machine has the capability of producing rod diameters from .060 (1.5mm) to 1″ (25mm) in diameter, in continuous lengths up to 92″ (2.34M).

A unique capability of this machine, we call “Differencial Draw”, allows us to control the cladding wall thickness independent of the core size, creating custom optical characteristics to match application requirements.

Standard glass systems, as well as the black glass system prized for dental curing applications, are produced on this equipment.

Grade of finish, perpendicularity, and length tolerances can be specified by the customer.

If we have the glass system in house, a short run or first release parts are normally shipped within 5 days.


FTI uses a proprietary system to manufacture tapers to close tolerance specifications. Tapers ranging in size from .63/.60 (16/15mm) to .060/.010 (1.5/.25mm) can be consistently manufactured. Tapers can be finished with or without any housing configuration or material type you specify.


Depending on the final application, FTI will slump or mechanically bend tapered rod into simple and compound shapes, with bent angles up to 60°. Bends close to the end of a taper may require special handling to maintain the finish tolerance.

All rod and tapers are ground and polished to finished size. Edges are broken and beveled for safety unless otherwise specified.

Learn more about the optical properties of tapers.

Standard glass systems, as well as the black glass system, prized for dental curing applications, are produced on FTI’s straight line drawing equipment.

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