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SOL-R DC Regulated Light Source With Lamp Tuning

SOL-R DC Regulated Light Source With Lamp Tuning
  • Completely adjustable transport “Tunes” the lamp focus distance to optimize lamp/fiber coupling. Maximize performance for any reflector/bulb/fiber input combination.
  • Solid State Dimmer; 0-100% linear digital read out in two scales: the photonic scale allows the user to adjust intensity and maintain it by recording the display value. As the readout changes due to lamp deterioration, the user can adjust power to the lamp (using the intensity control knob) to maintain output. Using the voltage scale, the output can be adjusted to match a desired lamp life (see lamp life calculator) or calculate PM schedules.
  • Internal light feedback feature of the DL model maintains preset photonic output over the life of the lamp within 3%, by automatically adjusting the lamp voltage.
  • Modular design – RS232 capable – internal plug n’ play module expands capability to meet the most demanding requirements. No external boxers or cords required. Can control up to 12 independent units from one control.
  • 1″ input designed to accept large diameter fiber bundles, or optional adapters for all major manufacturers’ fiber inputs.
  • Lamp module can be completely removed to provide easy and fast lamp change capability
  • 85-264 volt universal input voltage
  • 2 year warranty
  • CSA or ETL approved to UL spec.
  • CE certified

Over all Height 4.75″ (177mm)
Over all Width 9.75 (185mm)
Overall Depth: 9”(219 mm)
Unit Weight: 6.3Ibs. (2.24 kg) including cord.

Part NumberTypeShort DescriptionMaximum Focal Spot SizeLamp WattageInput VoltageCommCECertifiedSpecs
FTIII16795HalogenIndustrial, SOL-R DR DC regulated, basic13mm150UniversalRS-232YY
FTIII16797HalogenIndustrial, SOL-R, DL DC regulated, w/ Light feedback13mm150UniversalRS-232YY
FTIII16795-RS232HalogenIndustrial, SOL-R, DR DC regulated w/Comm13mm150UniversalRS-232YY
FTIII16797-RS232HalogenIndustrial, SOL-R, DL DC regulated, w/ Light feedback & Comm13mm150UniversalRS-232YY
FTIII16887HalogenMicroscopy, SOL-R (without lamp)13mm35-75120V/60N/ANY
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