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Question: I am looking for an inexpensive fiber optic lighting solution for a star ceiling in my son’s room. Can you help?

Answer: We currently offer a wide variety of solutions for fiber optic star ceiling lighting. We offer small area LED star ceiling kits for areas up to 24, 48, 72, and 96 square feet! These kits were specifically designed to be a cost-effective fiber optic lighting solution for a small area star ceiling, and are normally in-stock, ready to ship! These kits are manufactured at our main facility in Pomfret, CT USA!

We also offer a selection of standard kits with different numbers of fibers. These kits are not typically stocked, so there will be a little lead time, but they are an equally cost-effective fiber optic lighting solution as the LED small area star ceiling kits. Please contact Zach Morin for exact pricing and project application details so that the proper materials are ordered.

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