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Starry Night

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Complete Kits

StarryNight Complete Kits combine both essential components of the star ceiling; The Light Source and The Fiber Bundle. A variety of LED Light Source options allow for IR or RF remote control of white only, color change or twinkle effects. The pre-bundled fiber optic stands range from bundles of 200 to 500, and 2m to 5 meters in length for optimal coverage of most ceiling areas.

Light Sources

As individual pieces, these LED light sources range from 5W to a powerful 16W! StarryNight LED Light Sources offer the user a number of effect alternatives and control options. Controlled with either a RF or IR remote control, in most cases, these can be synced into whole home/room universal remotes! Once you’ve decided how to control your StarryNight Light Source, you can choose from the following effects; color change, white twinkle, or even color change with Twinkle! These light sources are used with star ceilings, and most fiber optic bundles and large core fiber, for a wide variety of applications.

Pre-bundled Fiber

The StarryNight Fiber Bundles offer the user a number of options in fiber densities and lengths to cover their desired area. Using durable PMMA plastic fiber, these already assembled bundles will slip easily into most fiber optic light sources, and can be used for any number of accent lighting applications outside of star ceilings (i.e. spot lighting, cabinet lighting, counter lighting, concrete lighting etc…)! With this in mind, FTI offers custom StarryNight Fiber Bundle sizes and lengths outside of the standard offering, to suit any size application and imagination!

Planning Strategies:

StarryNight Star Ceiling Products are easily adaptable to most areas; the most common star density is 3 stars (or fibers) per square foot. If using this star density as a base, then a Kit or Bundle with 500 Strands will cover roughly 167 sq ft!

500 Strands / 3 per sq ft  =  166.67 sq ft coverage area

If the area of coverage is less than the kit will cover, the left over fibers can be combined to make brighter stars, create more depth of the effect, or even constellations!

As an example, the size of the project is 144 sq ft (12’ x 12’). Using a density of 3 stars per square foot will require 432 fibers. A 500 Strand Starry Night Kit or Bundle should be used with extra fibers left over combine with other stars to make brighter stars, or you can try your hand making constellations.

144 sq ft  x  3 per sq ft  =  432 Strands needed

If you have an area that is larger, multiple StarryNight kits or custom StarryNight Fiber Bundles can be ordered.

FTI offers a wide variety of solutions for Star Ceilings (including Pre-Populated Acoustic Panels in a variety of colors!), and other Fiber Optic Lighting applications! We urge you to call or email if you feel that a custom specific design is required for your project!

Please feel free to call or email Zach Morin with any questions or pricing inquiries.

Starry Night Ceiling Kits

P/NNumber of StrandsStrand LengthLight source TypeVoltage/Plg Type
FTISC229432002 meters (6.5 ft)RGB LED 5W with IR Remote110V-240V/US Plug
FTISC229423004 meters (13 ft)RGB LED 16W with RF Remote110V-240V/US Plug
FTISC229403004 meters (13 ft)RGB LED 9W TWINKLE with RF Remote110V-240V/US Plug
FTISC229415005 meters (16.25 ft)RGB LED 9W with RF Remote110V-240V/US Plug

Starry Night Light Sources

P/NDescriptionMax .75mm Strands
FTIII2293816W Single Port RGB LED w/ color change and IR remote 550 (.785” input ID)
FTIII2307516W Single Port RGB LED w/ color change and twinkle, and RF remote500 (.750” input ID)
FTIII230859W Single Port RGB LED w/ color change and IR Remote500 (.750” input ID)
FTIII230835 W Single Port RGB LED w/ color change and IR remote200 (.475” input ID)
FTIII230749W Single Port White LED w/ twinkle, and RF remote500 (.750” input ID)

Starry Night Fiber Bundles

P/NNumber of StrandsBundle LengthStrand Diameter
FTISC229442002 meters(6.5 ft).75mm
FTISC230732004 meters (13 ft).75mm
FTISC229453004 meters (13 ft).75mm
FTISC229463006 meters (19.75 ft).75mm
FTISC230725006 meters (19.75 ft).75mm
FTISC230845008 meters (26 ft).75mm
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