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FTI announces the introduction of StarscapeTM, a timesaving, star ceiling “system” designed using standard components.

Including light source, extension harness and separate star bundle(s), the Starscape system gives contractors the flexibility of a custom approach, with the quality, speed, and price point of a pre-manufactured “kit”. In addition, Starscape may be the only viable approach for installations involving a traditional drywall ceiling without a crawl space.

Any size room can be configured, with star densities ranging from .5 to 5 per sq ft. The unique design of the system allows the lightsource to be conveniently located in a closet or custom-designed space for easy access.

The company also supplies a diagram-filled installation guide to help contractors with the difficult task of installing star ceilings in areas without a ceiling crawl space, as well as drop ceilings.

  • The system is very flexible. Use any type of luminaire, including HID, Quartz halogen or LED.
  • Select constant on (35-100W luminaries) or twinkle (100W only).
  • Add Shooting star effects
  • Specify drop ceiling or joist installation.
  • Budget prices generated on the spot; standard price list, dealer/contactor discounts are available

For further information, contact: 
Steven Giamundo, Marketing Manager 800.433.5248 (315-430-7614 Direct)
Tim Beeman, Sales Manager 800.433.5248

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