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FTI announces the introduction of SOL-R™, a lightsource family developed for demanding fiber optic applications.

The product line consists of 5 different models: 
SOL-R AC3575 35-75W AC non regulated lightsource. 
SOL-R DR150 150W DC regulated lightsource w/lamp tuning. 
SOL-R DC150 150W DC regulated Lightsource with w/lamp tuning & Dual Scale linear digital readout. 
SOL-R DL150 150W DC regulated Lightsource with w/lamp tuning, Dual Scale linear digital readout, and light feedback.

All 150W SOL-R lightsources are manufactured using a re-configurable platform. All have exclusive “lamp tuning”; allowing the user to position the lamp at infinitely adjustable focus distances – “tune” the lamp to maximize performance for any reflector/bulb/fiber input combination. – maximize intensity and uniformity using any 21 volt lamp. 

  • Solid State dimmer with 0-100% output control. 
  • 1” input accept all major fiber optic brands with readily available, low cost adapters. 
  • Light-tight enclosure prevents glare and distraction in close quarter operating environments. 
  • 100-240 volt Universal input voltage 
  • CSA or ETL approved to UL specifications. CE Approval pending 
  • Private label or non-marked units for OEM integration. 
  • 2 year warranty.

In addition, the 150W DC and DF versions offer the following exclusive features: 

  • Dual scale, solid state optical dimmer with 0-100% linear digital readout – monitoring lamp degradation and lamp life. With the display switched to show intensity, the user can set and maintain very accurate output. As the lamp deteriorates, the readout will change, alerting user to adjust the dimmer (the display changes from one number to another number). When the lamp is replaced, the user can dial in the original intensity setting.

With the display switched to show voltage, the user can convert the readout to lamp hours, using FTI’s lamp life calculator. This will help with maintenance and production planning.

  • Modular design – RS232 capable – internal after-market plug n’ play module expands capability to meet the most demanding requirements. No external boxes, cords, or programming required. 

Finally, the 150W DF version offers integral light feedback with 2% accuracy over the life of the lamp and lamp-to-lamp.

For further information, contact: 
Steven Giamundo, Marketing Manager 800.433.5248 (315-430-7614 Direct)
Tim Beeman, Sales Manager 800.433.5248
Ron Greene, Machine Vision Application Sales Engineer, 800.433.5248

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