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FTI now offers 300W Xenon and 120W short arc HID light sources, with headlight accessories from stock.

These new products compliment a growing line of illumination power supplies and accessories.

Both lightsources are UL and CE approved. In addition, they are FDA classed products for use in surgical and medical diagnostic applications.

The Xenon 300W lightsource has a patent pending color-coded turret, which acts as an aid to match light guides color coded by other manufacturers.

“The HID Xenalight model should generate interest in Industrial, as well as Medical applications…creating as much light energy as 300W Xenon, at the same rated lamp life and color temperature…. but roughly half the price. When compared to a traditional quartz halogen lamp, the output Is more than 20x brighter with a 5 fold increase in useable lamp life”, said Steve Giamundo, the Company’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

For further information, contact:
Steven Giamundo, VP Sales and Marketing 800.433.5248
Tim Beeman, Sales Manager 800.433.5248

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