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FTI announces the addition of end and side emitting large core fiber for commercial and architectural applications.

The new additions range in size from 4.5mm (.177”) to 14mm (.55”) diameter. Available for sale as “raw” product by the foot, or as a component in value-added solutions ranging from decorative lighting concepts, to signage, safety products, accent lighting, and landscaping.

“The side emitting product is not end emitting large core fiber which has been modified to perform differently; it’s unique technology, made with proprietary chemistry, to produce fibers which are considerably brighter than current market offerings. Furthermore, the process is customized to length, which assures more than 98% uniform distribution of energy over the specified length”, said Steve Giamundo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

LED light drivers, a complete range of down-light and end fittings, and a full range of fiber optic light sources round out the new offering, which should give designers and architects more creative options and solutions.

The company is in the final stages of web page development, and expects a formal launch sometime in August 2005. Initial work will be somewhat limited to custom engineered products with associated lead times. To service the market, some standard sizes and often-used components will be stocked in the future to enhance the company’s service ability.

This new line is a natural extension of the company’s commercial product portfolio, which includes Starscape star ceiling systems, and display cabinet lighting components.

For further information, contact:
Steven Giamundo, VP Sales and Marketing 800.433.5248
Tim Beeman, Sales Manager 800.433.5248

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