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FTI announces addition of a Domed ring light to the standard product line.

This new product expands the company’s existing family of standard ring lights. This unit is specifically designed for the vision market. The ring’s output is bounced off the dome’s interior, creating a diffused, even lighting effect. The white background of the dome acts as a backdrop, masking out artifacts which might be imaged/reflected from highly specular surfaces.

Although the current offering is limited to 3.25” dome, other sizes are being planned to complement this important new product.

“FTI is excited and proud to introduce this product at the start of our second full year of product development for vision and microscopy markets. The concept itself is not revolutionary, but we expect this product to be an important component of future hybrid vision packages; fiber components and LED light engines which will provide optimum vision performance with none of the current pitfalls of today’s fiber only or LED only systems.”, said Steve Giamundo, Vice President.

For further information, contact:
Steven Giamundo 800.433.5248 (315-430-7614 Direct)
Tim Beeman, Sales Manager 800.433.5248

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