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FTI announces the addition of pre-populated StarscapeTM star ceiling system “Tiles”.

“The use of these 2×2 ceiling tiles reduces installation labor 87%, maintains the random star effect, and eliminates the need for light source storage, as the main source of light is a local LED on each tile”, said Zack Morin, the company’s application Sales Engineer.

The 2×2 ceiling tiles are available in two standard colors and styles: black and white, recessed and flush mount. In addition, customers can order one of 5 different star densities ranging from 3 to 7 stars per square foot.

Because everything is done at the factory, installers simply remove the tiles from the box, lay them in the channel (Standard hanging channel supplied by others), and make the electrical connection by plugging a jack into a receptacle. In the time it takes to hang a ceiling, anyone can install a star ceiling.

The company is also planning to offer special acoustic panels along with ceiling tiles currently available.

FTI has been manufacturing systems since 2004. With the latest addition of Tiles and Stocked Kits, the company is perfectly positioned to offer star ceiling solutions to the entire range of the market, at affordable prices, with no stocking requirements, in a responsive time frame.

For further information, contact:
Zack Morin, Application Engineer @ 800.433.5248
Tim Beeman, Sales Manager 800.433.5248

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