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FTI announces the addition of pre-made and stocked StarscapeTM star ceiling system “kits”.

Smaller, standard stocked Starscape kits provide the same quality and realistic night sky as the company’s traditional system, but prepackaged and stocked in volume for smaller spaces and budgets.

Using these pre-engineered and manufactured kits dramatically reduces the square foot cost of ownership without compromising quality. The new system-in-a-kit approach is available in 4 different models: 

  • Up to 96 sq feet 
  • Up to 72 sq feet 
  • Up to 48 sq feet 
  • Up to 24 sq feet 

and 5 different star densities from 3 to 7 stars per square foot.

The kits offer the same advantages as the company’s professional two part system:

  • Minimizes clutter 
  • Does not require fiber measuring or cutting. 
  • Requires no special tools for installation.

Kits include a super bright, silent LED source mimicking the blue/white color of most stars, and will last for years without the need for a replacement lamp.

Kits can be combined with FTI’s host of lighting options to add mood and sophistication to your night sky: 

  • Twinkle Effect 
  • Shooting Star Effect 
  • Color Change

The star ceiling effect provides great drama and depth to commercial and high end residential projects. However, many are reluctant to pursue the application because planning and installation is a time consuming, complicated, expensive and back-breaking challenge. 

FTI’s Starscape system approach, (LED light source, extension harness and separate star bundle(s)) combines the flexibility of a custom star ceiling installation approach with the quality, speed, and price point of a pre-manufactured “kit”.

In addition, Starscape may be the only viable approach for installations involving a traditional drywall ceiling without crawl space. For details, download the sell sheet and installation guide here.

The company also supplies a diagram-filled installation guide to help installers with the difficult task of installing star ceilings in areas without a ceiling crawl space, as well as drop ceilings. 

The company is now marketing the system direct to contractors. There are no stocking requirements. 

For further information, contact: 
Zack Morin, Application Engineer @ 800.433.5248
Tim Beeman, Sales Manager 800.433.5248

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