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FTI announces the launch of an RGB LED light engine for commercial and industrial applications.

“This lamp technology is interesting in two regards: The product is less expensive than most high power sources in the current market, and it is packaged with a user-friendly software interface, giving the user complete control over performance”, said Steve Giamundo, the company’s VP of Sales and Marketing

Once the user has created a lighting sequence using the software, pushing a button locks in the resulting program, allowing the light engine to perform without connection to a computer. 
FTI’s RGB LED light engine technology provides many unique features:

  • Long life (50000) hours – no lamp to change
  • Stable output throughout the usable life
  • Integral heat management with temperature controlled cooling fan
  • Very small footprint
  • RGB version outputs 16M user selectable colors
  • DMX 512, RJ45 and mini-USB addressable to control intensity, color and duration
  • Included lighting control software gives the user ability to create custom lighting programs; built-in “permanent” memory stores the program in the unit– no need to keep the module connected to a computer. Program will not erase when the power is shut off
  • Available in a white-only version
  • Available in outdoor version
  • Cost efficient.

For further information, contact: 
Zack Morin, Sales Engineer 800.433.5248

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