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FTI announces the introduction of an improved Fiberscopes.

The new technology includes an increase in pixel count from 10K to 17K, a new articulation system, and integrated C mount adapter at the eyepiece. The combination of enhancements allows the company to offer a scope equal in quality to the highest priced models in the market, for 40-60% less.

“This scope design offers cutting edge performance; the image is large, crisp, and bright, the articulation system is brilliantly conceived in it’s simplicity, and the built in “C” mount increases versatility without increasing price,” said Zach Morin, Sales Engineer for the company.

One of the most important advances is the articulation system. Traditional stain steel vertebrae, the Achilles heel of an articulating scope, has been replaced with a continuous urethane composite and wire fastening system. The result provides smooth, wide-arc 2 or 4-way articulation comparable to vertebrae, but at much less cost, while vastly improving reparability when the articulating wires break, also at a significant reduction in cost.

“The new articulating system defines State of the Art for articulation, and the ease of maintenance brings the cost of scope repair down from $1000’s to under $250. Now you can purchase a brand new Fiberscopes from FTI for less than the price of repairing an Olympus Scope, saving $100’s immediately, and $1000’s in preventative maintenance in the future”, said Steve Giamundo, the company’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Increasing the resolution by 70% provides a much larger and brighter image, comparable in quality to scopes costing $1000’s more.

FTI’s scopes are high quality, low cost, non-measuring instruments designed for basic industrial inspection, mining, home inspection, homeland security, automotive, and other applications not requiring FDA certification. A limited range of video scopes are also available.

For further information, contact:
Zach Morin, Sales Engineer 800.433.5248 ext161;

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