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LED Lighting

LED Lighting by Fiberoptics Technology Inc.

FTI is proud to offer a complete line of LED lighting solutions for any project. LEDs have burst on the scene as an easy, more energy efficient alternative to more traditional forms of lighting.

FTI’s Sales Engineers will work with you to design your ideal accent lighting solution, develop a Bill of Materials, and provide a fair and accurate proposal. We prefer speaking with you about your project, because understanding your requirements will allow us to consider all possibilities, explain the pros and cons, and offer what you need, which is not always what you initially ask for.

Please select from the following:

LED Ribbon Lights
LED Cold Neon
LED Wall Washers
LED Solar Beacons
LED Cove Washers
LED Spot Fixtures
LED Tube Lighting
LED Drivers
Rigid Strip Lights
LED Controllers
LED Rope Light
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