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FTI Launches new website with interactive tools.

FTI launched its new website today, featuring a wealth of technical knowledge, insight, and a family of interactive tools to support the independent effort of OEM design engineers and the fiberoptic R&D community.

While standard product information and current company news is also available, the major objective of the of the site is to educate and inform, maintaining the corporation’s philosophy to be a consultive partner to its customers.

“Unique and new to the niche, the introduction and use of interactive tools should help every current and potential user optimize the performance of all fiberoptic lighting tools, not just products manufactured by FTI. An informed customer will always make the best decision”, said Steve Giamundo, Marketing Manager for FTI. 

All interactive tools are available from the site or can be downloaded for free.

To further enhance the visitor’s experience, printable versions of every page are formatted to fit 8.5 x 11” paper. International visitors will also appreciate the dual dimensioning aspect (Imperial and Metric) of the information presented.

A complete contact page, with photos of many department personnel, rounds out the newly created site.

For further information, contact:
Steven Giamundo, Marketing Manager 800.433.5248 (315-430-7614 Direct)
Bob Dowling, President at 800.433.5248
Keith Knowlton, VP at 800.433.5248

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