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FTI Adds new interactive tools.

Fulfilling it’s commitment to ease the task of fiber optic design for OEM engineers, FTI recently added 3 new fiber optic design tools to their website. 

The tools make it easy to identify the acceptance angle of a fiber, given its Numerical Aperture, calculate the resulting Acceptance angle for any core/clad combination, and convert temperature values from Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin.

“The latest additions to the interactive tool family helps OEM design engineers as well as Machine Vision lighting professionals. With “plug and chug” ease, engineers can now calculate how light will diverge after leaving the fiber. The information will guide fiber selection and custom design to optimize or predict component performance.”, said Steve Giamundo, Marketing Manager for FTI. 

The latest additions join Transmission loss, Lamp life, and Fiber count calculators, to form a broad selection of design tools.

All calculators are available from the Technical Section of the company’s Website, and can be downloaded for free as an Excel spreadsheet.

For further information, contact:
Steven Giamundo, Marketing Manager 800.433.5248 (315-430-7614 Direct)
Bob Dowling, President at 800.433.5248
Keith Knowlton, VP at 800.433.5248

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