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FTI announces improved capability to manufacture 48” long light lines.

This new process augments the company’s existing capability to manufacture shorter length lines. The process uses a proprietary method to align and nest fiber in a linear array, insuring optimal packing and parallel fiber placement, without the cost and time associated with traditional methods.

The resulting product offers concentrated output in a very uniform pattern. When the line width and length combinations require more than one input, all inputs will spread their light output over the entire length of the line.

With it’s new 48” manufacturing capability, the company hopes to compete favorably for automated inspection applications in large scale web scanning markets. 

“FTI is committed in its strategy to enter new markets. The development of our new capability is a major addition for our company, and a major new opportunity for customers seeking a high quality product, at a reasonable price, shipped in the timeframe required.”, said Bob Dowling, President.

For further information, contact:
Steven Giamundo, Marketing Manager 800.433.5248 (315-430-7614 Direct)
Tim Beeman, Sales Manager 800.433.5248
Ron Greene, Machine Vision Application Sales Engineer, 800.433.5248

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