Fiber Count Calculator

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Bundle Diameter
Single Fiber Diameter

Bundle diameter must be expressed as a decimal. ie .125 Fiber diameter must be expressed as a decimal fraction.. ie. .002 Please read the notes below

This calculator assumes interstitial area of 9.3%. The result is rounded down to the nearest whole number

If you're calculating fiber with integral buffer and/or jacket, the total diameter, including buffer/jacket should be used. Of course, if you're working to estimate the number of fibers in a ferrule, and the fiber you're working with has a buffer or jacket, give us a call.

Like everything else manufactured, fiber has a tolerance. This calculator assumes no tolerance, so the actual count in a given bundle may be off a few fibers. In addition, it is very difficult to pack a ferrule with the calculated number of fibers. Typically, an optimal number of fibers is calculated, to insure consistency, and give technicans enough room to pack the ferrule without breakage.

If you are working entirely in metric, divide the metric value by 25.4 to convert to inches.

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