Products & Services

FTI offers a wide range of support services to meet all your fiber optic lighting needs. Our team of 5 specialists have been trained to assist customers with:

  1. Multi-mode step index Quartz and Leaded glass fiber optic industrial applications (Spectroscopy, NCTM, Machine Vision, Microscopy and other)
  2. Clad Rod, image rod, and Fiber optic medical applications for headlights, scopes, surgical devices, (disposable and durable) and medical instrumentation
  3. Large Core, PMMA and leaded glass fiber optics for  Commercial lighting for display, landscape, ambient, and  star ceiling effects
  4. Quartz, specialty fibers, plastic and leaded glass fiber optics for Military and Government applications related to defense and R&D

As long as FTI is engaged in providing manufacturing services, most custom design work is completed without charge, as the company believes in developing long lasting partnering relationships.

Unique among market providers, FTI's prototype services deserve special mention; as long as the design can be manufactured using in-house capabilities, FTI strives to complete the prototype design within 5 working days.

If you have a repair requirement, FTI can rebuild most supplier's designs quickly and efficiently, offering 5 day turnaround, 90 day warranty, and overnight return shipment.

FTI Products