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FO-150 Light source

The FO150 was our original halogen light source. It was discontinued in 2010. We leave the page up to serve as reference for customers who still operate the unit. MO-150 is the current version of this technology.

  • Low cost, efficient, reliable 150W AC quartz Halogen light source
  • Interchangeable EKE or extra bright EJA lamp
  • Special rear mounted switch controls a circuit which extends bulb life up to 10 times
  • Soft start dimmer switch reduces inrush current and lengthens bulb life
  • Front panel dimmer facilitates smooth light change from zero to 100%
  • Ultra quiet, low vibration fan
  • Hinged front pane; for easy bulb replacement, no tools required
  • Rugged all metal construction

Overall Height: 7″ (178 mm)
Overall Width: 4.875″ (124 mm)
Overall Depth: 9.25”(235 mm)
Unit Weight: 7.75Ibs. (3.52 kg) including cord

FTI offers a family of fiber optic illuminators unsurpassed in quality and performance. Exceptional value, proprietary features, and a large selection of customizing options and accessories make the product family adaptable to any need.

Part NumberTypeShort DescriptionMaximum Focal Spot SizeLamp WattageInput VoltageCommCECertifiedSpec
FTIII10005HalogenMicroscopy, F0150, unregulated13mm150120V/60N/ANY
FTIII10027HalogenMicroscopy, F0150W, unregulated w/ wired remote13mm150120V/60N/ANY

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