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FTI has extensive machining and bending equipment to manufacture a wide variety of optical rod and specialty tapers ideal for dental and industrial curing applications.

raw fiber

When single optical rods or "Multi element" rods are tapered, the resulting optical characteristic of the rod changes, reducing the NA of the normal end, while maintaining the original NA at the tapered end. The amount of change is a ratio of the diameters. If a .25" diameter rod has an NA of .5, and the rod is tapered to .125" diameter, the NA change is 50% (.125/.250) at the large end, making the new NA .25.

Therefore, when light enters the small end of a taper at full acceptance angle, the emerging beam at the other end is somewhat collimated, when compared to the original range of entry angles.

Tapers are used in myriad of applications, especially in scopes
to increase the NA of the fiber.

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