Fiber optic Accessories

FTI offers a complete range of accessories to expand standard product versatility.


Some advantages of these accessories are listed below:

  • Increase the light output of a lightline by a factor of 10 by using a cylindrical lens.
  • Increase contrast of colored objects using a contrasting color filter to absorb the predominant background color.
  • Make light output "cool" with the use of a heat reflecting dichroic mirror in the light source input.
  • Reduce or eliminate specular reflection with a polarizer/analyzer combination.
  • Create specular effects on raised or spherical surfaces with dark field lighting accessories.
  • Control the light source with a computer interface.
  • Maximize light source output by changing the lamp type used.
  • Use other manufacturer's fiber optics with adapters designed for use with SOL-R light sources.

Lenses, filters, lamps, light source add-ons and replacement parts are stocked for immediate shipment.

Part Number Description  
FTIIG16862-01 Gooseneck Polarizing lens  
FTIIG10822 Gooseneck Focusing lens
FTISL16854-2-01 Lightline Lens, Acrylic, 2"(50mm) long, 1"(25mm) dia. w/hardware  
FTISL16854-6-01 Lightline Lens, Acrylic, 6"(300mm) long, 1"(25mm) dia. w/hardware  
FTISL16854-10-01 Lightline Lens, Acrylic, 10"(250mm) long, 1"(25mm) dia. w/hardware  
FTISL16854-16-01 Lightline Lens, Acrylic, 16"(400mm) long 1"(25mm)dia. w/hardware  
FTISL16854-24-01 Lightline Lens, Acrylic, 24"(600mm) long 1"(25mm) dia. w/hardware  
FTISL16854-48-01 Lightline Lens, Acrylic, 48"(1.2M) long 1"(25mm) dia. w/hardware  
FTIII16867-01 RS232 Module for SOL-R  
FTIII16796-01 Light feedback module for SOL-R  
FTIII16867-02 .625 Light source Adapter for FTI, Chiu, IT, Techniquip  
FTIII16867-03 .320 Light source Adapter for Schott KL series  
FTIII16867-04 .240 Light source Adapter for Schott KL series  
FTIII16867-05 .590 Light source Adapter for Moritex  
FTIII16867-06 .580 Light source Adapter for Dolan Jenner  
FTIII16867-07 .590 Light source Adapter for Volpi  
FTIII16867-08 Dichroic Red Light source filter  
FTIII16867-09 Dichroic Yellow Light source Filter  
FTIII16867-10 Dichroic Blue Light source Filter  
FTIII16867-11 Dichroic Daylight Light source Filter  
FTIII16867-12 Dichroic Heat mirror Light source Filter  
FTIII10029 Light source, Lamp 150W, 21.0V EKE  
FTIII10846 Light source Lamp 150W, 21.0V EJA  
FTIII16933 Light source Lamp 150W, 20V DDL  
FTIII16934 Light source Lamp 150W, 21V EKE 44º Coated reflector for IR applications  
FTIIII16932 Light source, Lamp 75W, 12.0V EYC  
FTIII16991 Light source Iris for controlling intensity while maintaining color temperature  
FTIII16928 Light source, Lamp 50W, 12.0V ELP 10º  
FTIII16930 Light source, Lamp 35W, 12.0V ELP 10º  
FTIII16929 Light source, Lamp 50W, 12.0V ELP 36º  
FTIII16931 Light source, Lamp 35W, 12.0V ELP 36º  
FTIII10486 Replacement Ceramic Socket for FO150W (FTII10005)  
FTIII11154 Replacement Lamp Bracket for FO150W (FTII10005)  
FTIII11152 Replacement Dimmer Switch for FO150W (FTII10005)  
FTIRL16857 Ringlight clamp fixture  
FTIRL16864-01 Polarizing attachment for 1.25" (32mm) I.D. ringlights  
FTIRL16865-01 Polarizing attachment for 2" (50mm) I.D. ringlights.  
FTIRL16866-01 Polarizing attachment for 2.5" (63mm) I.D. ringlights  
FTIRL16866-02 Analyzer attachment for 1.25" (32mm) I.D. ringlights  
FTIRL16866-03 Darkfield attachment for 2.5” (63mm) I.D. ringlights  

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