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Interactive Demonstrations of the LED light engine

Fiberoptics Technology Inc. (FTI) announces the start of interactive demonstrations for its advanced LED light engine product family.

Potential users can now evaluate and control the company’s flagship industrial LED light source from the comfort of their desktop in real time, while receiving helpful and friendly support from a qualified Product Manager.

Using the product’s GIG-E communication capability and microprocessor control, users can manipulate output brightness, frequency, and duration using a GUI interface designed by FTI engineers. Resulting changes will be viewed in real time from a video camera trained on a rotating device. Users can also address and control a multitude of light engine devices through the single interface, which can be demonstrated live.

“The communication feature of our LO-100 light engine features cutting edge control technology, perfectly synchronized with the needs of today’s machine vision integrators and OEMs. 

The unit’s output replicates Metal Halide-like lamp brightness and color temperature, long lamp life of traditional LED packages, and efficient, light shaping, spark free, cool operating characteristics of fiber based lighting; the preferred lighting method for energy conscious machine vision lighting applications”, said Steve Giamundo, President of FTI.

For more information, users simply need to contact Tim Beeman at the company via web (http://www.fiberoptix.com/contacts/) or phone 800-433-5248) to start the process.

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