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FTI announces the launch of a high power White LED light engine for medical and industrial applications.

The patent pending device will be certified under the UL medical protocol 2026-01-02-03, and will be CE certified. This will be the first FDA approved light source for medical applications in FTI’s portfolio. FTI began designing and manufacturing light source products in 2004. 

Using a very simple but effective coupling strategy, engineers at FTI can couple the light from a monocolor array to a fiber optic cable at high efficiency rates. The resulting output exceeds the power of a similarly coupled EKE halogen lamp. 

The company plans to provide a product with true color balance, excellent uniformity, improved electrical efficiency, along with a measureable return on investment (ROI) in a small package. The unit is compatible in size to existing lighting technology, and can replace it without altering existing systems or components. 

“After three years of research and development, our team has made the breakthrough we have been waiting for, and now we’re very excited to demonstrate our capability”, said Steve Giamundo, the company’s VP of Sales and Marketing. 

FTI’s LED light engine technology provides the following features: 

  • More power than an EKE lamp within a 5mm focal spot. 
  • Long life (50000) hours – no lamp to change. 
  • Stable output throughout the usable life. 
  • Active heat management with integral cooling fan. 
  • Available in a white-only version. 
  • 6000K color temperature 

The company plans to offer Beta units for test and evaluation to interested OEMs as well as end-users before starting full production in the fall. The core light engine is available for sale immediately.   
For further information, contact: Walter Seagrave, Sales Engineer 800.433.5248

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