Fiber Drawing

FTI is a vertically integrated company drawing glass (borosilicate) fiber in North America.

Like everyone else with this capability, we can maximize production efficiency, converting production output into product as the fiber comes off the collection drum.

However, our capacity sets us apart from other domestic suppliers. FTI is the largest borosilicate fiber producing company in North America. Our volume provides customers with distinct process and cost advantages. For example, not all machines need to be dedicated to typical fiber production. We can set up specialized drawing processes such as line forming and randomization to maximize the value add proposition thereby optimizing production time and consistency. The reduced cost is passed on to the customer in the form of lower unit pricing.

And, if our main facility suffers a setback, our second location in Naples, Florida can pick up the slack to keep production moving.

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Drawing fiber helps minimize production cost.
Fewer operations and less handling result in a better component,
built in a shorter period of time

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