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Why You Should Care About Process Risk Analysis

In our previous blog, we talked about process risk analysis as part of a quality management system. Today, we’ll explore the importance of it when sourcing, and when manufacturing…

We know that quality is one of your primary concerns, and we also know that — in pursuing higher quality and consistency, maintaining certification compliance, and in minimizing risk — you occasionally require documentation to attest to the quality standards of your suppliers, or to provide to your customers.

These things that you already seek, they form the core of process risk analysis practices. Here are a few reasons why you should take the next step and start asking your suppliers about process risk analysis by name.

The first and most important reason that you should care about process risk analysis is very simple — because your clients do. It’s especially important in the defense, medical, automotive and aerospace industries, to name a few. If the products you’re designing and manufacturing are intended to compete for contracts in those markets, well-documented process risk analysis is an absolute must, both on your part and the part of any providers that you purchase from.

Conducting a process risk analysis on one of your production processes is a good way to identify waste, either of time or material. The act of performing a risk analysis inherently highlights areas of waste in your process, especially a newly designed process for a new product, giving you the chance to improve them and save both time and money in the process.

Finally, in saving time and money, and in establishing a reputation for unparalleled quality, process risk analysis enables your company to be more competitive in bidding for new contracts and, ultimately, helps your company grow

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