Lamp Life Calculator

Use this reference to help plan your maintenance and get the most from your lightsource. Works with any lightsource brand using EKE, DDL, or EJA Quartz Halogen lamps. Because FTI's SOL-R™ models feature integral digital voltage display, the information can be put directly into the lightsource with ease and accuracy.

Lamp Life Calculator (If the Quartz Halogen lamp type you are using is not shown, download our Excel spreadsheet.)

Under the applicable lamp type, choose a voltage value from the center column. The left and right hand column show resulting intensity and mean life in hours.

To set the lightsource for a predetermined lamp life, make a selection from the right hand column. The resulting intensity will be displayed, along with the required input voltage.

The matrix is calibrated to display results for 1% differences in intensity (up to 50% intensity). Therefore, when selecting a lamp life value, choose a value closest to the desired target. If you want to know what happens when the lamp receives more than full rated voltage, or you require more precise values, download our spreadsheet, or contact us.

Of course, this information can only be used as a guide, as many influencing factors affect lamp life. More information on lamps.

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