LED Live Demo

Demonstration Overview

Welcome to the FTI demonstration page for the LO-100; we believe the output of this model is unmatched for single chip LED brightness.

The demonstration is designed to allow you to test the full feature set, which has been engineered for Machine Vision applications including Ethernet and RS485 communication protocols from your desk.

To insure your interest, we're presenting the set-up and technical details for your advanced review.  When you're sure a hands on demonstration will be valuable, turn your computer on and simply call us at 800-433-5248 and ask for a demonstration.  we will turn over the control to you while standing by to answer any questions you may have.  The experience can last as long or as short as you need.  There is no script.  You are simply managing the output of a light source via a remote control.

The illustration below describes the demonstration set up:


If you need a customized set up to evaluate, let us know that too!
Here are the technical specifications:

Edmund EO-0413C
Canon 15-150mm 1:1.8
Custom Trigger for demo
None.  Usb connected to and managed by camera software
Dell P4 2.8G processor with 1G ram
Microsoft XP
Here is what the FTI software interface will look like during the test drive:   

Control is managed within three screens:


This is the main screen.
Control of intensity (including overdriving) and On time (for strobing). Frequency is controlled by the TTL and can range from 36Hz to 50KHz.
Advanced control of the unit(s). Provides unit testing and verification, and the ability to select any single light source on the network, or control all simultaneously. For demo purposes, only one light source will be used, but if you require it, let us know  We can set up a second unitCommunication selection screen to set the communication protocol required in your application design.

Bottom third of all screens monitors performance (0-5V) and provides warning alarms in case of overheating or lamp failure,

Have Fun! 

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