Fiber optic Medical Light Guides

Fiberoptics Technology Incorporated (FTI) carefully manufactures over 500 different types of FDA approved single and bifurcated medical cables to precise specifications for fiber optic medical lighting.

medical cable

  • Outstanding light transmission
  • Leak tight construction utilizing molded "boots" to eliminate joints and minimize collection of foreign matter
  • Compatible with high speed (flash) sterilizing systems and cold sterilization
  • Color Coded sheathing - helps keep track of your inventory. Use a different color for each department and you'll always know which cables are yours! End the confusion and expense of replacing missing cables.
  • FDA Approved
  • One Year Warranty

Micro Medical Light Guide
These miniature light guides have all the same features as the standard medical light guide but are lighter in weight and smaller in diameter for applications like urology, which do not require a large bundle.

Universal Medical Light Guide
This cable is manufactured with the same precise specifications as our standard medical light guide. In addition, this cable can be used with all listed light sources and instruments by using the appropriate adapter(s).

Custom Labels

FTI will apply your identification label to the cable.


Choose from the available input and distal end configurations and various sheathing options to fit your specific application.

In addition, FTI makes a range of optical tapers for fiber scope lighting. Click here to learn more about Tapers.

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