Fiber Optic Fiberscopes | High Quality Industrial Boroscopes by Fiberoptix

Also known as boroscopes or endoscopes, these products have a myriad of uses in industrial inspection applications. Excellent resolution from the quartz image array produces a bright, detailed image, while an innovative linkage design allows us to market an articulating scope for almost 50% less than traditional products on the market.


Our latest models offer improved 17K resolution, increasing image size 70%, integral C mount adapter to attach most digital cameras, and Xenon lamp option which doubles illumination power when compared to the standard lamp/battery handle design.

  • 2-way, 4-way, and non-articulating scopes in several sizes.
  • The quartz bundle image guide is guaranteed to be free of dead pixels in a 17K element array using 3 micron pixel size.
  • Low attenuation makes output from a 10 meter long scope as bright and clear as an image generated from a one-meter length of “regular” glass.Integral “C” mount adapter built into the adjustable diopter.
  • Custom diameters and lengths are available, along with a full range of accessories and options.
  • New articulating technology mimics traditional approach providing a wide range of motion robust construction, with less initial cost. We guarantee our design will reduce your cost of ownership by 50% when compared to competitive, more expensive brands, without sacrificing performance.
  • All standard models have the following features:
    • Glass lenses.
    • 17,000 pixel, high resolution image guide.
    • Internal illumination.
    • Adjustable focus.
    • Durable steel and/or aluminum for bodies and shaft.
    • Right angle capability.
    • 50 degree field of vision, 70 degree is available.
    • All scopes depth of field is .2”(5mm) – 3”(75mm). Videoscope DOF is .2”(5mm) – infinity.
    • Foam lined carrying case.
    • Battery handle (except .315”, .394” flexible and videoscope, which come with external light guide and light source).
    • Xenon Lamp option for battery handle.
  • As an option, 8mm articulating scopes come with aspiration port (use for air and water dispersion, or forceps to retrieve small parts or debris.)

These economical scopes are designed for the industrial inspection market. At this time, they are not equipped to measure defects in situ.

Send Us Your Parts: We will provide inspection solutions and photographs to prove the quality and versatility of our Scopes.

For more information regarding our full range of Scopes, contact Zach Morin

Product Spec Tables Below:

Non Articulating Models

Part #
Shaft Construction
Bend Radius
Compatible Options


2-Way Articulating Models


4-Way Articulating Models

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