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Apr 2, 2007 FTI announces the development of a proprietary process to fuse optical, leaded glass fibers at the input, eliminating epoxy to improve high temperature and transmission performance.
The process will be used to manufacture high end medical light guides and industrial components. Current testing confirms the process to be effective for Lightguides requiring .150” - .250” active areas (3.8mm to 6.3mm). Testing is currently under way to prove the process effective for light guides up to .5” (13mm).

Jun 8, 2006 FTI announces LED Hybrid light source technology demonstrator.
FTI is demonstrating a new LED Hybrid light source technology at 2006 Vision Show East.

Apr 17, 2006 FTI begins promotion of its Patch Cord production capability.
FTI has been in the low attenuation POF Patch Cord production business since 2001, offering the service to large OEMS and distributors.

Feb 22, 2006 FTI announces addition of a Domed ring light to the standard product line.
This new product expands the company’s existing family of standard ring lights. This unit is specifically designed for the vision market. The ring’s output is bounced off the dome’s interior, creating a diffused, even lighting effect. The white background of the dome acts as a backdrop, masking out artifacts which might be imaged/reflected from highly specular surfaces.

Aug 1, 2005 FTI announces the addition of end and side emitting large core fiber for commercial and architectural applications.
The new additions range in size from 4.5mm (.177”) to 14mm (.55”) diameter. Available for sale as “raw” product by the foot, or as a component in value-added solutions ranging from decorative lighting concepts, to signage, safety products, accent lighting, and landscaping.

Jul 1, 2004 FTI now offers 300W Xenon and 120W short arc HID light sources, with headlight accessories from stock.
These new products compliment a growing line of illumination power supplies and accessories.

May 1, 2004 FTI announces the introduction of SOL-R™, a lightsource family developed for demanding fiber optic applications.
All 150W SOL-R lightsources are manufactured using a re-configurable platform. All have exclusive “lamp tuning”; allowing the user to position the lamp at infinitely adjustable focus distances - “tune” the lamp to maximize performance for any reflector/bulb/fiber input combination. – maximize intensity and uniformity using any 21 volt lamp.

Mar 15, 2004 FTI announces the introduction of StarscapeTM, a timesaving, star ceiling “system” designed using standard components.
Including light source, extension harness and separate star bundle(s), the Starscape system gives contractors the flexibility of a custom approach, with the quality, speed, and price point of a pre-manufactured “kit”. In addition, Starscape may be the only viable approach for installations involving a traditional drywall ceiling without a crawl space.

Jun 29, 2003 Fiberoptics Technology Wins Export Award
Mr. Rob Simmons, member of the House of Representatives from Connecticut’s Second District, spent nearly two hours touring Fiberoptics Technology’s Connecticut facility today. Following the tour of the company, Representative Simmons presented the employees with an Export Achievement Certificate awarded to Fiberoptics Technology by the United States Department of Commerce.

Jun 17, 2003 FTI Adds new interactive tools.
Fulfilling it’s commitment to ease the task of fiber optic design for OEM engineers, FTI recently added 3 new fiber optic design tools to their website.

May 20, 2003 FTI Launches new website with interactive tools.
FTI launched its new website today, featuring a wealth of technical knowledge, insight, and a family of interactive tools to support the independent effort of OEM design engineers and the fiberoptic R&D community.

May 19, 2003 FTI announces the development of a proprietary process to manufacture glass fiber with improved flexing resistance for use in dynamic applications.
The fiber will be used to manufacture components exposed to repetitive motion applications such as robotic arms , Igus® cable carriers and step and repeat machines.

May 1, 2003 FTI announces improved capability to manufacture 48” long light lines.
This new process augments the company’s existing capability to manufacture shorter length lines. The process uses a proprietary method to align and nest fiber in a linear array, insuring optimal packing and parallel fiber placement, without the cost and time associated with traditional methods.

Sep 30, 2002 FTI announces the appointment of Steven Giamundo to form a Marketing Department.
Bob Dowling Jr, President and co-founder of the company, made the announcement as part of a long term strategic plan to introduce the company to new markets.

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