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Sep 15, 2011
Fiberoptics Technology Inc. Business Management System
Fiberoptics Technology Inc. has been certified to ISO9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 standards. The dual certification was awarded
after completion of a Stage Two audit conducted by SAI Global, headquartered in Toronto Canada.
The three year certificate covers design, manufacture and servicing of glass and plastic fiber optic lighting
components and fiber optic light sources for industrial, commercial and medical applications.
13485 guidelines are very demanding, particularly in the areas of Risk Management.
All employees played a role in the certification and auditing processes, which began in November 2010.
The Board and Shareholders are very pleased to announce this achievement, which was attained less than
one year from start to certificate. Accomplishment within such a short time confirms the premise that FTI’s
processes and culture had been largely compliant with the standards, which are recognized and preferred
by the markets’ largest companies and users of products.
“Attaining these certifications is a significant accomplishment, and no trivial matter. FTI’s work methods
have been reviewed and found to be proven business and manufacturing methods capable of producing
high quality, low risk components for industrial and medical applications. At the moment, we are the largest
medical fiber optic manufacturing company in the USA registered under the 13485 standard.
Certification is not a goal; it’s a method of work. As such, we have an ongoing obligation to maintain and
optimize our methods, to embrace the concept of continual improvement, and to keep our competitors
barely visible in our rear view mirror”, said Steve Giamundo, the company’s President, In a message to all
FTI is a privately held, 34 year old vertically integrated fiberoptics manufacturer serving OEM customers in
the Medical, Industrial, Microscopy, Lighting, and Machine Vision markets.
One of the largest fiber optics manufacturers in the world for light transmission applications using glass and
plastic fiber, FTI offers Engineering, R&D, Prototype, and Volume production services from two locations: a
70,000 sq ft corporate headquarters in Pomfret Connecticut, and 10,000 sq ft subsidiary location in Naples,
Florida. The company also maintains FDA and GMP registration and certifications to manufacture medical

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